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...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

"Don't quit :("

I hate to so I’m trying to stay up for you guys. It’s hard tho… 



Smh I could’ve brought up possibly quitting any other day lol

Quit or nah?


Hey guys………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      I’m seriously thinking about quitting the story.

      I hate to say it but it’s SOOO hard to keep up with & I don’t like letting you guys down (if you guys still care to read). I can update but I can’t fully write or commit to writing. The only thing that’s not stopping me is the point to which I wanna reach in this story plus I keep getting great sequel ideas & I don’t want none of that to go to waste :(. But just a heads up if I go ghost or something & don’t come back…Nvm. Couldn’t do you guys like that, I’ll send a final notice. *sighs* I hope you guys understand any decision, including my decision to just post. Even if it’s not as long as I usually make. Ima try not to be super length conscious cause that’s where I get caught up. If you’ve been holding it down since day 1, THANK YOU LOVES!!!! day 1+ THANK YOU AS WELL LOVES!! If it’s your first day…sorry to disappoint lol the golden days of posting was back in 2012. (damn..2012 tho??) lol.

                                                                        -Yours Truly 

"It's been a month since and spring break is coming. Are you gonna update soon ?? Pleasssee😫😁"

My sping break totally passed smh I’m soo sorry guys. It’s just sitting there a little incomplete. 

"Wow I'm just now reading chapter 63, I didn't know you updated!"

Aww I’m glad you read it, hope you liked it :)

"Is there an updated chapter list?"

Yea somewhere through my recent post considering the fact that I hardly update as it is…

"Khalil is so basic, he needs to get it together like now 😒! It doesn't help he got arrested in Miami I'm real life smh. I'm still #TeamKharielle though, but what Dan did was nice for her since they haven't been around each other like that the entire trip."

LOL!! He kinda is basic, like who does that? & omg yea his character is really just reflecting his true self probably lol. Still love that name too #TeamKharielle :)! But yup he’s a sweetheart of course.

"Now how long do we wait for another chap? Monday is presidents day👀"

Lol cauugghhtt! You’re right, I don’t think it’ll be that day but I can hopefully get something that week lol

"Hey, what happened to What's Going On?"

I actually just touched that lol I’m trying to have something from that very soon if nobody’s forgot lol

"Ooooo it's about to go down! And dang I thought Khalil was so nice but he's pissing me off lol. I'm glad you finally updated!"

Lol yup I was wondering what you guys would thing about this new attitude in him. I’m really glad I updated too, I miss writing just as much as you guys miss reading lol

"Thank you!!"

You’re welcome :)!!

…Homie.Lover.Friends… Part 63


        “I don’t know…” I heard Dig say behind me while I was looking in the full length mirror. “About what?” I asked looking at him through the mirror. “That dress” he simply said. “What’s wrong with my dress?” I said slightly offended. “I’m not gonna be there the whole time to watch you in it” he went into his jealous state. “And what does that mean?” I smartly asked. “It means other niggas gonna be watching” his envy increased. “Ok and you’re gonna be the only one to take it all off tonight right, so why you worried?” I rhetorically asked to shut him up. I watched him bite his lip after my question. “Who you getting all sassy with?” he lowly smirked. “You” I purposely remarked smiling. “Ari don’t make me take that dress off of you right now” he said with a casual expression. “Daniel” I laughed over his name “Just go, and quit being a control freak. Or controlling and a freak I should say” I added. “Alright Ima go before I can’t control myself” he smirked getting up “I’ll be there hopefully” he came up to hug me goodbye. “Alright baby, hurry up” I hugged him “-well no take your time and just do your thing” I rephrased my words, not wanting to rush him. “I will baby. We talking hits here” he smiled. I was happy to see that. There’s nothing I love more than seeing my baby do his thing. “I know” I smiled then pecked him. “Alright I’ll see you later babe” he said “Call or text me if anything” he was exiting. “I will” I lastly said before he left. 
      I honestly looked over my dress again. I don’t wanna be going out without him, looking single. I have respect for my relationship & being that Khalil is gonna be there, I need to show that. Daniel was just overreacting of course, the dress was fine. Reese looked cute too. 
      “Yo Gibran was tripping over my outfit” she sillily laughed once we met. “Wow, same!” I exclaimed. “I told him I’m sorry, but I’m gonna be in the same spot as my baby Drake and I gotta look good” she played. “Right though! I’m so excited. This is a rare opportunity” I cheered. “I know, I just told my best friend and she’s mad jealous right now” she told me. “I haven’t even told mine yet, and when I do, she’ll probably go crazy on me for going without her” I chuckled thinking of Naomi. “Any best friend would” she laughed “So where we supposed to be meeting Twist at?” she asked, making a good point. “Aw nooo” I thought “Dig never told me, and I don’t have his number..only Khalil’s” I mumbled his name. “Ok you know it by heart? Call him” she suggested. “No, I can’t” I shook my head “We’ll just wait for him to come, because contacting Khalil is just not an option” I added. “Yo, so you guys really got some shit going on” she noticed. “Yea, apparently. I don’t know the reason since he won’t even acknowledge me” I bitterly mentioned. “Damn, well maybe he’ll be different tonight” she had hope. “Maybe” I shrugged. 
      Diggy & Spin had the car so we had called car service instead of a cab. You can’t show up to Drake’s event like that. But when we got outside, we were waiting because Twist was tardy as hell. At first I thought he was just inside and forgot, but when Za showed up literally seconds after us with the bulk of their crew he told me how Twist just didn’t leave yet. We walked the little carpet entrance in with them anyway. It was just a pathway before you entered the venue where photographers were taking pictures. There was paparazzi as well who were not allowed at that point. I think me & Reese looked damn good posing on the carpet & hopefully we get to see them somewhere. 
       We got in, but we just weren’t in vip yet since we were under Twist’s guest. There’s a lot of socialites, interviewers, professional bloggers, even more photographers, & more. All the celebrities & their entourages were in the vip. It was truly chill in here right now, it wasn’t club like & super turned up. It was more lounge like, where it was ok to just sit down & listen to the music. People were dancing too, but mostly mingling, drinking, & simply having a good time. And Drake wasn’t even in the building yet.
      They finally arrived, with girls of course. Khalil & Twist both had their shades on which only meant one thing…they were faded in some way. “Hey sis” he hazily smiled coming to hug me “Sorry to keep yall waiting” he apologized then hugged Reese as well. “No you good. We got in fine” I mentioned. “That’s wassup, but I got yall in this vip. Leggo” he motioned us over. Khalil was feet away from me not saying nothing! Acting like he was so occupied with two girls beside him to say hey or anything at all to us. I know he didn’t care because I felt no type of awkwardness between us, as if we were just strangers. Whatever. 
      Twist & Khalil damn near stopped & talked with everybody in passing through the vip. We sat down long before them with the girls they came with. None of us were introduced so we didn’t speak together nor did I care too. “This album is so smooth right now. I feel like I know all the songs” I expressed. “Me too! This is gonna be my shit, I can tell” Reese agreed. “It’s gonna be everybody’s” I nodded. “Is Drake even here yet?” she questioned. “I don’t know, but we all in here cooling either way” I shrugged as we both chuckled some. “Ayyee. So I got a bottle & some drinks coming over here for us” Twist came back over out of no where with Khalil literally dragging beside him. He seemed a little off. “Twist then you must be tryna carry us out here” one of the girls playfully said. “Oh yea yall too turnt. Then I guess it’s only for us” he chuckled then said to me & Reese. “Nah me too, I’m good” Khalil tried to stably say sitting down beside one of the girls. “That’s questionable, nigga you faded forreal” Twist joked. “Fuck you” Khalil laughed. “But aye I got yall if yall tryna smoke too” Twist mentioned. “Alright I’m down” Reese nodded, surprising me. I didn’t know she smoked. “Umm…-” I pondered as Twist cut in “Arielle I KNOW you down” he knowingly smiled as I knew where he was going “Aye this one time I got Arielle high as shit” he laughed. “Damn Arielle I didn’t know you smoked like that” Reese giggled. “I didn’t!” I emphasized laughing with Twist “I thought it was just hookah” I naively admitted sinking down in my seat. “Not at a wild kidz party” Twist laughingly added. “Haaa! I remember that. Shit was crazy” Khalil came in last to laugh. Funny how he can talk about a memory with me, but can’t talk TO me. “Bruh hellll yea!” he exclaimed “But come on, I see people chilling outside to smoke. I don’t think it’s smoking allowed inside” he instructed  us. 
      Reese rose up then paused at me while I was actually trying to make the decision of whether I really wanted to. I got up anyway & started walking away with them. Right as I was passing Khalil his hand grabbed mine. “What?” I said with a hint of attitude. “Arielle let me talk to you right quick” he calmly said. I looked down at him as he seriously looked up at me through his shades. Then I looked ahead at Twist & Reese who looked like they were waiting. “Meet us out there” Twist decided walking Reese out anyway. The exit to the balcony was right by us. I sighed then looked back at Khalil still holding on to my hand. “You looking real good tonight” he smiled looking me up and down.”What do you want Khalil?” I boredly asked. “Come here, sit down” he pulled me on to his lap. “Uh nooo, I cannot be doing that with you” I subtly reminded him getting right up. “Since when?” he chuckled. He obviously wasn’t serious right now & I honestly didn’t know how to take that slick remark, so I let it slide for now.”What do you want Khalil?” I repeated the same way. “I just said to talk to you” he replied. “And you also said right quick, so make it that way” I might have been too cold. “Damnnn…” he dragged “When did we even get like this?” he asked. “I don’t know, when you decided to act like I was invisible until right now” I answered. “When did I ever do that?” he acted clueless. “The night before and just a few minutes ago Khalil” I stated the obvious. “I was honestly just too fucked up to acknowledge you and yoouuu ignored ME that night” he emphasized. “You looked dead at me, TWICE that night and said nothing” I pointed out. “You was with ya boy and so! I texted you that night in the club before you saw me” he told me. “Khalil I didn’t get that text-” I started to explain before he released my hand, practically throwing it out of his “Don’t even tell me that lie” he sucked his teeth then looked away. “It’s not a lie, I-” he cut in again “I literally watched you hold up your phone, check something, laugh, and put it away” he illustrated as I couldn’t think of doing that at all. I never had my phone to begin with so what the hell is he talking about. “Khalil call my phone right now” I tested him. “Can’t” he said reclining back “I can barely function, and I deleted your number” he bluntly said. “And why did you delete my number?” I suddenly felt hurt. I felt like I was getting in the way once they started coming through with our drinks & bottles so I sat down beside him. “Because Arielle I feel like you don’t fuck with me no more so why should I still fuck with you” he shrugged. “I’m sorry that you feel that way but when did I EVER say that?” I rhetorically asked really feeling hurt about this. “You didn’t have to, your actions showed me that the other night” he acted unphased by this serious conversation we were having. He picked up a drink that was poured in front of us & casually sipped it. “Khalil I’m just gonna accept that you’re not in your right mind right now, and call you when I get back home TO WHERE I LEFT MY PHONE” I exaggerated my point “All the way back in Jersey” I added. He looked at me from the side, this I could see him do through his shades. “Sure. You didn’t even hit me up when I was up there” he doubtfully said. “So we grudging about something else now? The phone works both ways Khalil” I mentioned. “Well what I look like hitting up somebody in a relationship, and I’m not grudging or holding on to nothing. I let it all go, I’m chilling” he lastly ended chuckling to himself. “Cause we’re still friends maybe, it’s just a casual thing to do. I didn’t know I had to be single in order to keep in touch. I thought you said nothing will change for the bad” I reminded him. “It’s not a bad change, I just changed my mind about things. Like you” he replied. “Like me?” I questioned. “Yea. You just changed your mind about how you felt right?” he rhetorically asked. I sighed brushing hair off my face to sink my head in my hand. I’m not trying to have this conversation right now & especially not if he’s trying to have it out of spite. Then the song with Jhene Aiko starts to play. First line: What’s up? Been a minute since we’ve kicked it, you’ve been caught up…nope I’m getting out of here. “Whatever” I mumbled easily getting up. 
     I followed the way Twist & Reese went out to the patio area. There were lots of people chilling out here too like he said. I was looking pretty lost too I bet because I heard Reese call my name before I even spotted her. I went over to her & didn’t even realize she was standing next to Twist, who was standing next to Lil Wayne, who was standing next to Birdman, & who was standing next to Drake himself just talking. I almost flipped then I had to catch my composure. She already noticed my reaction “I know. I know. I know. I know. I know” she rapidly said in a low tone for only us to hear, grabbing my hands. “Wasn’t ready. Just wasn’t ready” I firmly stood squeezing the hell out of her hands probably. As many times as I’ve been around celebrities, I’ve never felt starstruck before. But Drake just did it & I couldn’t believe he was right there. “Yo where have you been, you missed it” Reese said. “What, missed what?” I asked with anticipation. “He gave out ovo hookah pens” she showed me “And it’s only like one hundred made. So this shit is exclusive” she added, securing it. “Noo! I want one” I whispered. “I want another for me, I might give this to Spin since he’s all a day one fan or whatever” she chuckled. “Aww that’s nice” I smiled. “So are yall straight now?” she subtly asked about Khalil and I. I shrugged with a confused frown. Twist was in a whole nother conversation, but he was still right there and I didn’t wanna talk about it next to him when that’s his friend & all. Even though I’m pretty sure he knows what’s going on. “Come” I head motioned her to stray away from Twist. We only went a few spaces away crowded by some other people though. “It’s just not him right now. He’s drunk, high, and whatever else. And there’s really no straightening out to be done, I guess it is what it is” I solemnly told her. “Damn, I know it was stressing you out so I figured it would get better once yall talked” she sympathized. “Maybe during a sober discussion, but right now…nah” I shook my head. “Yall dipping out on me already?” Twist came walking over with his arms apart. “No” I laughed. “Oh ok I thought yall was tryna leave the party early like last time” he said. “Oh no that was me and Naomi” I reminded him. “Ohhh yea! Naomi” he realized “Mm, how she been?” he flirtatiously asked. “Hmm..I don’t know if I should answer that by the way you asked” I joked. “I’m just playing, I’m just playing..” he laughed “…Nah I’m not. She was fine as fuck!” he then seriously added. “Ok Twist, I’ll let her know, but she’s real good” I laughed. “Forreal? Give her my number” he said. “Can’t. Bro code” I felt like those fools saying that. “Bro code?! What you doing in the bro code?” he asked in shock. “Well she’s dating Roger who’s like my brother, soo I’m respecting yall code thingy” I giggled. “Damn..I fuck with Roger too. Next time, you keep your beautifully TAKEN friends at the crib, like Mrs.SpinQueen over here” he joked with Reese. “So I gotta be left at home now?” she laughed. “I don’t know what’s up with you and Khalil who act like yall can only fuck with single girls now” I threw shade at Khalil who wasn’t here to catch it. “That’s his preference. I don’t give a fuck about no relationship status as long as they ain’t in one with one of the homies” he laughingly surrendered. “Playa” Reese playfully accused shaking her head at him. “And I peeped that shit too. What yall in war over now?” he asked. “Nothing” I rolled my eyes. “Oh, uh oh. Here go that man right now” he said watching Khalil come up “We was just talking about you bruh” Twist mentioned. “Word, what Arielle running her mouth about now?” he bluntly said resting his elbows on the bar stool table we stood around. “Excuse me?!” I snapped. “I said, what Arielle running her mouth about now” he clearly said it again, lifting his head as my mouth hung open. Twist & Reese looked tense standing there between us. “Khalil you wanna recognize who you’re talking to before I start to actually take you serious. Sober or non sober, you not gonna talk to me or talk about me like that” I grew defensive. I do not know this person right now, WHO DOES HE THINK HE IS?! “Alright calm down Ari” he said nonchalantly as I glared at him in silence. “Nigga you need to chiiillll” Twist tried to break the tension through laughter. “We’re probably just gonna go back in and vibe” Reese took the initiative to get me away from him. 
        “I swear to God he’s seconds from getting slapped” I ranted as soon as we walked back in. “Oh my gosh, I didn’t think he was such an asshole” she said in shock. “He’s not! He’s a real sweetheart, that’s why I don’t know where all this heartlessness is coming from. The weed and alcohol is not a great affect on him” I shook my head. “Speaking of, Twist said he got us” she remembered. “The drinks came, but I really wasn’t down to smoke like that. I don’t know how Diggy would react” I mentioned. “Well I know how Spin reacts. He hates it, and I practically been changing that part of my lifestyle for him” she input. “Wait, so you do it often?” I wondered. “Yea. Everyday, until I seriously started being with Spin” she casually nodded. “Wow..” I expressed not knowing what to think. “But don’t let that change your perspective about me. Smoking weed doesn’t make you a bad person or unsuccessful, that’s just a choice and a myth” she sillily shook her head. “No, Reese no. I know from the short amount of time that I’ve known you that you have no ounce of badness in you, and that you seem very successful. I just didn’t know you were like a stoner, I mean I knew you had that modern day hippie vibe to you tho” I honestly told her. “That’s exactly a way to describe me” she smiled “That modern day hippie vibe” she nodded in agreement. “And I love it! So peaceful and chill” I giggled giving her a little shoulder hug. 
        The listening party was going so well. The album was about on it’s third play already, but it’s just that good. You could listen to it back to back like that. Drake finally came out & he actual did a small performance. He just grabbed the mic & he rapped a verse, I guess he was feeling himself with every reason too. As before, everyone was lounging & seeming to have a perfect time. That is until…
      Khalil & Twist came back. Twist was sipping & chilling with his girl friends he came with. Khalil on the other hand had no chill & wanted to be up in my face like we were something. He realized he hadn’t formally met Reese & was introducing himself to her, mentioning random things about us. He was totally drunk & just wasn’t seeing it. I kinda kept getting aggravated too. “I’m sorry. Why you mad?” he repeated for the fourth time. “Khalil! I’m not mad, I just don’t care to explain myself to you when you’re intoxicated like this” I expressed “Don’t even know why I’m explaining now” I lastly mumbled. “I don’t know why I didn’t…” he lazily mumbled on into his drink that he didn’t need. I tried to offer him my water. “Here, maybe you should take my water instead” I still said for some reason, despite his behavior was trying to help & take care of him. “I’m not thirsty” he refused. “It’s to sober you up some” I convinced. “I’m straight” he claimed. “Take your glasses off” I requested as he did “Your eyes are not even open, you’re not straight. Here” I offered again. “You come here instead” he picked the wrong time to flirt. “Khalil, no! Would you stop and be serious for a second?” I rhetorically said with no amusement to this. “Maann, Arielle you be tripping” he typically said. “What am I doing now?” I asked. “You just be tripping” he shrugged reclining back. “How am I tripping?” I continued to question. “All this teasing shit you do, I swear” he shook his head. I’m used to hearing this from Diggy, but not right now from Khalil. I have not once wanted his attention in that way since we got here. He had it all wrong. “Teasing how?!” I hysterically asked “We haven’t truly gotten along not once this whole time” I truthfully mentioned. “Nah you know what you do” he still said his little shit with no evidence to back it up. “Ima let you have it..again” I firmly surrendered this argument. “I shoulda had it the first time..” he said in his glass, but clear enough for me to catch. Reese was on her phone for a minute & she even looked up from it to look at me. Nope, he didn’t. He didn’t just go there. “Khalil, don’t regret this conversation when you sober up” I warned him. “The only thing I regret is not fucking when I had the chance” he looked me dead in my face & straight up told me. 
      “What?!” I tried to calmly speak. “I should have fu-” he was about bluntly disrespect me again until I don’t know what hit me. At least I know what hit him, my drink in his face! “After all that, REALLY?! You treat me like shit now?!” I stood up carelessly snapped on him, probably creating a minor scene. He was in so much shock, I could actually see his eyes now. “Whoa! Ari” Reese immediately grabbed me to calm me down. “Shit. What the fuck!” Twist realized what was going on “Yall just chill, just chill. Sis what happened?” he asked even though Khalil was clearly the one drenched. “Yooo. You serious Arielle, like for real. For real?” was all he could say sitting up to wipe his face. “Nothing. It’s whatever, I’m out” I snatched up my purse to go “Thanks and all Twist, and sorry” I added before I stormed off with Reese. 
      I was so mad, I could feel myself shaking & getting all anxious again. I got outside & immediately needed to breathe in some fresh air. “Ohhh. My.God… What was all that?!” Reese said, stunned “I never wanna see you that mad again, are you ok?” she came closer to observe me. “I told you. He was either gonna get slapped or a drink in his face. Hopefully that brought some sense and the Khalil I know back into him! It was just water anyway so he’s lucky!” I ranted. “Uh yea he was, I thought you was about to get up and put the hands on him or something” she joked. “That was next” I firmly nodded “…But I shouldn’t have done that” I finally sighed shaking my head. “Noo. You stood your ground, he was being wild disrespectful. I understand he was turnt to the max and all, but you’re still a female in a relationship. You just don’t say that shit, you know” she concluded. “Definitely, I know but ugh this is just more drama on top of drama now. I don’t know who saw, or what anyone will say, and imagine if Dig finds out…I’m just making our relationship look terrible” I imagined, soaking in regret now. “It was all pretty fast so if anyone saw, they probably didn’t put all the pieces together in time. Yall good, don’t trip” she assured. “I hope” I sadly said. “Look we can just get out of here if you want” she suggested “I don’t think they’re coming anyway. Studio got them tied” she added. “I figured” I shrugged “But damn! I don’t wanna feel like I killed the night and ran from it. I should go back and face his ass” I schemingly thought. “No you didn’t…Drake did that with his presence” she pretended to deeply express holding her heart “I’m sorry, I keep replaying those moments” she laughed. “No sorry, I completely feel you!” I reacted “You’re right though, we can just go” I decided. 
      I wasn’t completely ready to bring in the night, but I think it’s best that I leave that situation alone. For good I think. 

      Man when I say nobody knows what’s coming, I mean NOBODY!! Everything I lay down in the studio so far has been a hit. I’m really feeling the production & engineering out here, because it’s bringing me some good ass sounds. And these beats are what’s bringing my lyrics to life. Every time I get in here, I can’t think of nothing else I’d rather be doing with my life. But I felt bad when I realized at a certain point in my studio session I probably won’t even make to an after party. It’s not like I had any way of telling Ari either since she didn’t have her phone & Spin was in a different recording room working with some other artist. He popped in every now & then but we got so hype in eachothers sessions that we just wasn’t really thinking about what they was probably doing. 
      “You think we should go now?” I finally came to ask. “For what? Keep the grind going, cuz I know that listening party over, and I could care less about some after party. I see the club every night” Spin expressed. “Cuz nigga that’s your job. I’m trying to be fair to Ari. I’ve been ducked off or putting her in situations she don’t really wanna be in this whole time we been here” I mentioned. “Yea and I kinda miss my job, I swear I hate breaks” he sighed “But you right then we should get back” he added. “I don’t know why that had to be confirmed, it’s already three and it’s gonna take like a half hour to get back” I said. “Ok, you got it. We going” he chuckled. “Whatever, ima wrap this up” I playfully shook my head & went to go & do just that. 
        As I expected, Ari was already asleep when I got in the hotel. Which I was low key upset about because I wanted some. It was once again, an amazing studio session. And ooh I was ready! I softly kissed her cheek, she moved a little & let out a relaxed exhale. Then I kissed her neck a few times. “M-Mm. Daniel, no” he murmured pulling the covers up to her neck & rolling on to her side. “But babe..” I tried, talking to her backside. “No” she quietly rejected. “Ight ight” I sighed “Good night” I whispered. “Night” she mumbled. “I love you” I said, mostly wanting to be aggravating. “I love you too babe. Go to sleep” she dismissed. I chuckled to myself knowing I had that reaction coming & finally laid down, bringing her body into mine, in that spooning position. Thennnn…I’m sure she felt the D was on hard because she turned over, wide awake & started kissing me. My night shall be made. 
       “So nigga, I still don’t know why you up so early” Spin groggily said over the phone. “Because I’m tryna ask you something, listen!” I demanded. “I can’t I’m still sleep!” he shouted. “ARE YOU AND REESE-” I slowly announced before he just cut it “-I don’t care, I don’t care. Do yall today, me and Reese will have transportation for whatever we do” he finally said. “Ok see, that’s all I was tryna ask” I calmly stated. “Alright little smart ass, you done?” he still sounded groggy & mean as usual in the morning. “Nope. Also if yall was down to kick it with us-” he cut in again “-Nah, I’m just down to go back to sleep tho” he smartly replied. “Ok damnnn, why gotta act like somebody’s mean as granddaddy in the morning” I laughed. “You’ve known me for years and not one interrupted morning has changed nigga, this ain’t new” he said before hanging up. Trip. I shook my head & laughed. It was kinda early tho, I just wanted to be up & take Ari out for a bit before we have to leave later this afternoon. 
       I jumped on the bed & carefully landed right on top of Ari, who laid on her stomach. “Awghhh” she cried in the pillow. “Good morning baby! Good morning” I rapidly kissed each side of her cheek. “Daniel..” she groaned in annoyance. “Wake up” I bounced my body & hers into the bed. “Babe, come on” she said in a funny voice because of the movement. “What the hell…it’s eight o’ seven, REALLY?!” she lifted her head up & turned it around to scold me. “Yes, really! Now let’s get up because I got things I wanna do” I told her. “Of course” she sighed putting her head back down. “Things to do with you babe” I finished my sentence, correcting her thoughts. Today was our day. She looked back at me some, with a little smile on her face. “Yea, yea. I bet you wanna get up now huh?” I rhetorically teased. “Whatever” she laughed, starting to get up as I got up to allow her. “Whatever this ass” I remarked smacking hers. “Oww!” she laughed again quickly turning over. “Let’s make another shower scene” I smiled biting my lip. “Let’s” her look turned sexual. 
        I didn’t make any special plans, I wish I had but we wouldn’t have time for a lot anyway. I just wanted to be with her while we still in the city. We went out to breakfast at this restaurant with the view of the beach which was dope. I know she was enjoying herself, but I know when she got something on her mind because she gets a little cloudy & distracted from things. Then I just drove over to the strip with all the high end fashion stores, shops, & boutiques that I like. It’s not all the time that I go shopping with Ari. I don’t know if I actually ever have. Probably because she does most of her shopping online or with Naomi. We were of course in a girls store. “Get something” I told her. “For what?” she said. “Because I didn’t come here for nothing” I suggestively replied. “Babe I don’t really need anything” she expressed ‘need’. “I didn’t ask what you need, I wanna get you what you WANT. So come on let’s get stuff” I made clear, pulling her closer to a rack. “Well I can’t shop with you” she teased. “Why not? I got good taste” I pretended to take offense. “I didn’t say you didn’t. But you also have overprotective taste” she mumbled playfully rolling her eyes “My dress last night…” she subtly reminded me. “Ohhh” I laughed “Because I just can’t have you looking that good when I’m not around” I selfishly replied. “It wasn’t all that serious babe” she chuckled finally browsing. “Don’t lie. I bet niggas was tryna be all over you” I was only teasing until I saw her facial expression get a little less playful. Once again going a little cloudy. “Uh ah” I turned her completely around “Who was trying?” I checked in all seriousness cuz I’m sure Khalil was there & I know the whole posse, & the whole posse know me. So if I need to know about something then wassup. “No. Body. Dammnnn!” she grinned in shock “You are unbelievable sometimes, baby chill” she giggled. “I know, I know. My bad” I chuckled “You know I’ll fuck somebody up about you Ari. And it’s been that way since day..” I held up one single finger, meaning every part of that. “And I know it’s true babe. I love that, that’s why I’m aiming for every bitch who think she got next with you” she said so sweetly yet intimidatingly which made me laugh “Think it’s a game, I’m serious!” she laughed too then wrapped one arm around my back to pull me in for a kiss. “I know you are, it got the little Jersey ratchetness coming out of you” I smirked. “Oh my god, I’m no where near being that ratchet! Get outta here” she laughed going back to browse. “It’s cute on you tho” I chuckled. “Oh lord well we ain’t gonna be no ratchet couple, sooo next!” she joked. “Yes we are. Ima get you some big ole, gold bamboo earrings with my name in it. We gonna have matching grills, matching jordans, Ima tattoo your lips on my neck, you gonna get my name on your thigh…” I kept the thoughts going as her facial expression was all amused. “Ok, you’re taking this little ratchet fantasy too far” she laughed “I could roll with the shoes, grills, & maybe bamboos. But I would NEVER get a thigh tattoo!” she continued to laugh. “Ohh so you said you’ll never get a thigh tattoo, but you never said that you wouldn’t get my name…hmm ok” I grinned. “Noo, no. Don’t get happy, I wouldn’t do that either” she shut me down quick. “Alright! Just kill my assumptions” I laughed. 
      Ari can’t help herself. We were in our sixth store, mainly because the shops & boutiques are small places, but she ended up wanting something from each store. And like I told her, I wanna get her whatever she wants. It’s not always when I get a chance to splurge on her like I want to. Also, we attracted cameras or was spotted around. Because after we walked out the fourth store, two paparazzi was outside waiting to take our picture & doing so as we walked down the side walk. Luckily they weren’t crazy like the ones in L.A.. Much more cooler & easy to be chill around, plus they respected boundaries. 
      “Come out babe, lemme see” I called her from the dressing room after I got out of mine. We found similar apparel & like us, we were most likely gonna buy them to match together. I had an in between casual & dress shirt that coordinated perfectly with this full length romper she had which was also in between occasions. “Well it could be a little longer” she finally opened the door, body looking good “But then again it’s scrunchy at the ankles so it’s probably meant to be like that, also I could always pull it together with strappy heels around the ankles. And a jean jacket for casual wear or a blazer for dressy wear would be cute too. What do you think?” she went all into stylist mode which was so attractive. If it wasn’t modeling, she always said it would be styling. “It fits you perfectly” I admired her for a second. “Even the back? I’d definitely have to wear a strapless bra because-” she turned around some for me to see as I cut her off “-Ooh yup! I love it from the back, you already know” I put a play on words. It did look nice all over tho. “Daniel!” she gritted my name, coming closer to shove me “Shut up for somebody hears you” she giggled pushing me lightly. “Whaat? I know YOU KNOW everything is looking right in this outfit and you as usual just have to be a tease and go flaunting the booty, so I gotta react” I chuckled pulling her closer to the mirror I was in front of. “I was not” she flirted. “Ok!” I sarcastically threw my head back then brought her in front of me “Look at you…you’re so beautiful” I kissed her cheek. She blushed staring at our reflections. “Speak for yourself handsome” she smiled “…fine ass” she then lowly said doing a 360 around me. “Don’t be checking me out like that” I flirted. “You be checking me out like that” she continued to do it “Let me see your phone” she requested as I pulled it out of my pocket. “Cute couple mirror selfies!” she cooed then took a picture. “I wasn’t ready” I told her. “I know, that’s what makes it cute. Look at you looking all off guard and me looking casual” she showed me. “That is fly” I agreed “Let’s take another” I said as we dedicated a good three minutes to mirror selfies together. 
       “Alright Mr.Simmons. One thousand, forty-eight dollars & sixty cents please” the girl finished ringing us up. “What did you buy?” Ari skeptically stared at our single bag with the only the outfits just as the girl brought up my other purchase on to the counter. I gave it to her to ring up when Ari wasn’t watching. “Stuff” I lowly smiled swiping my card. “What stuff, this is your bag too?” Ari still reacted, which I don’t know why. Every other store before had a seven hundred dollar or more purchase. “Sign here please” the girl had my receipt printed out for me to sign. “No it’s for you” I answered while signing. “For me?” she repeated. “Yeees!” I chuckled “I got you something” I finally told her. “Here you are” she handed me our bags. “Thank you” I smiled. “No thank you, have a great day guys” she said as we walked away. “You too” Ari sweetly smiled back “Sooo, can I see what you got me?” she clung to one of my arms as we walked out. There was a bigger crowd of paparazzi & local people taking pictures. “You will, I hope you like it” I replied. “I know I will, you got very good taste baby” she complimented me “And thank you for this day so far” she kissed my cheek. “Oh don’t get all cute now that we got cameras on us” I joked. “Uh I been this cute, thank you” she sassed. “I guess” I shrugged continuing to joke. “Shut up Daniel, before I trip you in front of everybody” she bluntly said. “You’re so violent sometimes, you know that right?” I rhetorically said laughing. “Cuz you be trying me” she giggled. “I’m only kidding babe” I put my arm around her. “Look who’s getting cute now” she smirked doing the same with her arm around my torso. In a few short seconds though we had to unlink when a few fans asked me for a picture with them. And the paparazzi was talking to me so I answered a few simple questions while doing so. “Diggy are you releasing anything new soon?” I heard another one. “Yes very soon” I confirmed grabbing the bags from Ari’s hand & replacing it with my hand continuing to walk to the car. “Were you here for OVO weekend?”. “No” I chuckled “Just business”. I didn’t even know they were calling it that. “Any special collabs out here in Miami?”. “Possibly” I nodded. “Were you wrongfully arrested for drug possession?”. “No” I simply denied. “Arielle, did you enjoy Drake’s listening party last night?” I was surprised they addressed her. “Mm-hm” she positively nodded & smiled. “Diggy were you there to defend Arielle again?” they started to catch me off gaurd. “Arielle have you spoke to Khalil since last nights alleged incident?” I almost stopped in my tracks. “What incident?” I seriously asked Ari. “We’ll talk in the car” she lowly replied. “Diggy were you not invited because of Khalil?”. Ok now I see that all these people were the same & wanted to say anything to get something started on these crazy blogs & bring unnecessary drama. “Not true” I laughed, nonchalantly denying “But alright thanks guys” I tried to politely dismiss them as we reached the car. They still snapped pictures & asked shit but I wasn’t interested in being nice anymore. I just put our bags in the back seat with the rest, got in, safely pulling out with them around the car. 
      “What incident?” I asked once I drove off. She didn’t say anything yet. “Ari what incident?” I repeated. “I guess-” she started until I cut in “No. Start over and be straight up, no ‘I guess’” I caught her in her infamous line. “I’ll tell you later, can I use your phone?” she tried to switch the subject. “Nooo, tell me now” I refused. “It’s a long pointless story really babe, I promise I’ll get to it later” she promised. “Then why are you switching the subject?” I questioned. “Because I told my mom I would call her and I know that story will just get in the way” she explained. “Well why didn’t you mention this incident a long time ago?” I sighed pulling out my phone for her anyway. “I wasn’t worried about it” she uncomfortably shrugged. “Yes you were. You’ve been worried about something all day, I knew it” I confirmed more with myself. “No I wasn’t” she casually denied, putting the phone to her ear. “Ari I know you-” she cut me off “Hey mom!” she ended our conversation which was just gonna start up all over again. 
       Ari managed to stay off the topic the whole time back to the hotel or was thinking of a million different people she suddenly had to call just to avoid this conversation. Then when we got in, we ran straight into Spin who was already ready for check out. “Yo I was just about to call you, I thought yall done checked out and left us” he said as we were in the middle of the hallway. “Nah” I chuckled “We just getting back” I told him. “Well hurry up, check out time is in thirty minutes” he informed. “We’re pretty much packed, I just got some stuff to add now. Babe you packed up right?” I checked. “Yea, I’m ready. Spin Where’s Reese?” she was trying to find her next distraction I bet. “Heyy!” Reese came out the door right on time  “Look who it is” she warmly greeted us with hugs. “Hey love, you look all tan and golden” Ari complimented her. “Wassup Reese” I greeted back. “Aw thank you, we were on the beach” she told us “How was you guy’s day?” she asked. “It was nice, I enjoyed it” Ari smiled. “Chill. Yall were invited but Spin wanted to be bummy this morning” I mentioned. “Typical Gibran” she playfully rolled her eyes. “Yea…typical Gibby” I purposely co-signed just to make him mad. “Bruh!” he shot a salty look at me. “Alright, I see someone’s still grumpy. I’ll lay off” I laughed. “Shut up” he sucked his teeth. “Oh hey babe, do you wanna just pack the stuff in my bag & bring them down? Me and Reese will be down by the lobby. Ok bye!” she didn’t even let me answer, pulling Reese off. “What? Hell no, Ari?!” I called after her as she was speed walking down the hallway around the corner to the elevators. “Thanks babe, I love you too” she pretended to not hear me, turning the corner anyway. “Damn…SWERVED!” Spin exclaimed then laughed at me. “Shut up Gibby, you helping me!” I retorted. “The hell I am!” he hysterically replied “You better call a bell hop like my lazy ass” he added. “I shouldn’t even pack her shit, she’s just avoiding the subject” I pouted & mumbled to myself. “What?” Spin didn’t hear me clearly. “Nothing. Do you know if anything happened last night? Did Reese tell you something?” I questioned. “Oh yeeeaa!” he knew something. “What?!” I quickly reacted. “Bruh! They was with Drizzy and she got me this hookah pin. OVO exclusive! Only a few made!” he said all hype “She said it was real dope and they had fun” he concluded. “Spin, like anything else?” I was disappointed in his response. “Oh nah like what?” he wondered. “Something happened last night and Ari won’t tell me. It had to do with Khalil too” I told him. “Well how you know?” he asked. “Paparazzi was like-” he stopped me “-Rumor! You know better than to be listening to they mess” he said. “No, no because Ari confirmed that there was an incident or something, but she’s avoiding telling me. That’s what that whole thing was just about” I explained to him. “Ohh, that swerve? Hmm, then I don’t know” he shrugged “Is this gonna get in the way though? Cause we still gotta check out, eat, return the car, & get on that plane on time. You know Miami airport is wild” he mentioned. “No, I’m not really trying to be worried about this at all. She say it’s nothing so Ima let it slide until she feel the need to tell me something” I gave up. “Good, because yall argued enough this weekend” he exaggerated. “I’m sorry we’re all not as perfect as you and Reese” I joked
       I had to quickly fit the new stuff in Ari’s suitcase & some in mine. Then look over the room to make sure we wasn’t leaving nothing. I made it in time for check out & we were headed out in no time. We ate somewhere & got the car returned at the airport all in time for our flight. We was all cool & I really wasn’t tripping off of anything. Until we fastened our seatbelts to take flight…Ari decides that it’s the perfect time to tell me everything. 


This is gonna sound like an excuse but my internet connection is not acting right HOWEVER, I am going to try & copy & paste it using my phone. So no editing at all of course (just plain text) & yea hopefully this works :)


Hey guys :)! You hate me, I know.. but I’m posting tomorrow!!!! Also I just seen that AT&T COMMERCIAL TODAY :D!!! I almost screamed lol (please tell me I’m not super late & that’s been on TV for months or something)….lol well yea just wanted to get you guys ready :)

"How soon is soon,yo! Like, Diggy soon or nah?"

Lmao ohh lord! Diggy & his version of “soon” just don’t make no sense!! Lol hopefully I’m not that bad

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