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...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

"Wait you can't end the story now, Destiny ain't even give birth yet!"

It don’t even…nvm lol 

"Come on :("

:) not going no where

"Come on"

Where we going? lol

"I hate to say it but I think it's over for this. I adore this story but you're growing up & don't have time. All the diggy fanfics are sizzling out slowly but surely Thanks for what you did give us it was awesome your not feeling it anymore let it go"

You.Are.Soooooo.RIGHT! I’ve been saying this for a while now & I assumed it was because everyone is growing up & Dig’s hype kinda died down (but it’s back tho ;D!) & we just simply don’t have time & have lives lol. You’re very welcome :) & thank you for understanding.

"Dang I don't want the stories to end 😩 these are the best fanfics I've read"

This just made me smile, from the beginning I’ve only ever tried to be the best :) Thaaaanks!

"Noooo please don't quit 😭😩"

*sighs* *tries*

"What? You can't stop now! This story is too good just to be put to an end 😪"

I can’t agree more & I wish you the half of how good it’s supposed to get

"You can't quit now! What's Goin On hasn't even reached the climax yet 😪"

You telling me -_- lol that’s almost what pisses me off the most. That story got some good things coming!!

"Don't quit 😩 I love this story!"

Appreciate the love :)!

"I don't want you to quit :( I loved reading this story but if you feel like it's not going any where or it's interfering with college go ahead"

I really don’t want to either :/ & thank you, it’s good to hear you loved reading. But aw I so appreciate your support 

I posted, then I smiled :)

I’ve had part 64 in my drafts since march 22 or something, sorry. Should’ve posted it/posted in general a long damn time ago. Miss this!

                          Part 64

      “Khalil. Khaliiillll. Khaliiiiiillllll" I barely heard Twist dragging in an annoying voice. My body was moving too, but I just felt so numb to all of my senses. I could barely open my eyes, like am I even conscious right now? "KHALIL!" I finally heard & felt everything "Nigga wake yo ass up, forreal. Don’t be dead on me now" Twist showed his version of concern. "Damn, nooo. I told you this nigga dead" Za joked pretending to cry. For some reason my eyes still had trouble opening. "He alright, he’s just…extremely fucked up. Bruh open your eyes slowly" Za said to Twist then I guess noticed me struggling. I stretched my body out with ease as I felt like bricks just got dropped on my head. My eyelids were super heavy & only opened so much. I’ve NEVER felt this fucked up before. I mean I had my nights, but this just set the bar for them all. I don’t know anything after we actually arrived that’s when everything really sunk in. It’s like we arrived, & I left. Just gone. "Fuuccckk! Oh my goddd" I mumbled in agony, holding my head. "Take it easy bruh, don’t throw up on the floor or nothing" Twist said sliding a bucket toward me. "I threw up?" I confusingly questioned because I always hold my liquor down. "Uh, hell yea! For a minute I thought you had alcohol poisoning or some shit. You was just fading in and out a lot, sweating, crazy shit bruh. You just went super hard after that Arielle thing" he summed up a few facts. "What Arielle thing?" I wondered, still numbly laying on the floor with a bunch of pillows. "You don’t remember?" he asked. "Remember?" Za said in Drake’s voice. "Nigga I barely remember talking to Arielle. I went in there and…I don’t know, it’s all kinda blank after that" I weakly said. "Bruh…She. Went. OFF!" Twist exclaimed "Ion know what you said to her, but all I saw was something splash in the corner of my eyes and you sitting there drenched while she yelled" he illustrated. "What?!" I tried to sit up & understand more, but my body just wouldn’t let me. "Oh yea, I kinda heard that shit from where I was at too. It was water though" Za commented. "But why did she throw water on me?" I was in need of answers. "I don’t know, I wasn’t in yall conversation. Like I said, she just went off. Yall came there with a little issue so I’m not that surprised" Twist said. I sighed heavily, sinking more into my position. "I know I talked to her though right?" I checked. "Yea, yall was talking for a little minute. Got a little hostile, but yall still talked after that" he shrugged. "Well what the fuck was I saying?!" I expressed. "I don’t know!" Twist chuckled some "But you probably shouldn’t have said it. You know Dig getting to be a crazy little nigga now" he added. "And. I don’t give a fuck about that nigga" I spat. "Where was he anyway?" Za questioned. "Fuck him" I answered. Twist sucked his teeth some "He was out recording and couldn’t make it or something" he answered Za’s question. "Ohh true" he nodded. "You should apologize to my girl though. Arielle’s cool peoples. We don’t know what you said, but you know girls just tryna hear that apology" Twist advised. "I really can’t…from what yall making it sound like, I just lost a friend in her. Plus, I deleted her number the other night.." I remembered. "No worries, I’ll tell her you’re sorry. If you’re sorry" Twist said pulling out his phone. "I am sorry, I just don’t know what I’m being sorry for, like damn I wish yall knew something" I sighed covering my eyes. "Just call her up and apologize" he handed me his phone. "Noo, I’m hungover as fuck. I don’t need nobody in my ear about nothing right now" I refused for the moment. "Aye Khalil" Za purposely bends down to shout in my ear "You need some Advil to go with that hangover?". "I hate yall. I hate the both of yall right now" I calmly shook my head. "What I do?! I helped yo ass last night" Twist was quick to say. "Exactly. You wouldn’t have had to help me if you would’ve just let me stay back. None of whatever happened, would have happened" I concluded. "I know this nigga ain’t blaming me" Twist rhetorically spoke to Za "You had a choice to have self control. You didn’t have to hit multiple blunts and drink all that henny which by the way was mixed with jack" Twist wanted to preach like he ain’t practically throw it in my face. "Which by the way was mixed with molly" Za randomly added. "What?" me & Twist simultaneously stopped & said. "Oh, that bottle of jack I’m sure yall used because it’s missing, was mixed with molly" he nonchalantly said. "Nigga what the fuck, you around here drugging people?!" Twist reacted. "You lying" I was in denial. "Nah forreal. Me and Bizzle did it a while ago when we was chilling with these girls" he continued to casually speak. "And yall drugged them?" Twist also continued to react. "What? Hell nah! They was the ones who supplied. I guess they thought we was really into that, but we wasn’t. That’s why I had the rest left over" he told us. "And you decided to leave it at my crib, and get me fucked up?" Twist rhetorically asked. "I forgot to pour it out, and it probably wore off anyway. Yall didn’t feel no effects" he shrugged it off. "Yea I didn’t, but this nigga probably did. He was acting up" Twist pointed out. "Hell yea, wait a minute..cause that was my craziest getting fucked up experience" I thought. "Well that’s cuz you started binge drinking out of no where too" Twist added. "Shit, well you fine now soo" Za still took it lightly. 
      I’m blowed that I probably consumed molly, but even more blowed about whatever went down between me & Arielle. Especially the fact that I was unaware & still completely unaware of the whole situation. I actually rather Twist reach out to her before me to check if she cool. For all I know, she probably don’t want shit to do with me right now. 

      I don’t want shit to do with Khalil EVER. I still was on the level of disrespect he showed me & how he didn’t care about nothing. It almost took over my night, but Diggy finally came. Then it almost ruined my day when I started to think about it until once again Dig came in & showed me how I should really be treated as he always does. I was trying not to think about it in the beginning in hopes that he wouldn’t notice. Once we started shopping I didn’t let the thought bother me. That is until we reached a more aggressive team of paparazzi..
      They know everything! I mean damn, it’s wasn’t even a full day ago. I should’ve known that, that scene would’ve have gotten out somehow by how many bloggers & socialites there were in there. I won’t be surprised if I can go read about it somewhere with the most inaccurate story to go with it. At first I didn’t wanna ruin the good day I was about to have with Diggy, so I was simply just sucking it up & not telling him until later. And then when he started talking crazy about ‘fucking somebody up about me’ I really knew that it was best to wait until we leave Miami completely. Cause knowing Dig, he will wanna handle it right here, right now. And I don’t want any confrontations anymore. So I had to ignore him & the subject until I knew it was safe. 
        As soon as we clicked our seatbelts as a matter of fact. Couldn’t get no safer than that. We were airborne, uncomfortable because our ears were clogged which made it hard to communicate, when I finished telling him. “ARI…WHAT THE HELL?” I’m not sure if he knew he was shouting because his ears were probably clogged, or if he was really just that mad. “Daniel” I shh’d him. “Why do you wait until now to tell me something like that? You said it was something pointless so I was really taking your word for it. That wasn’t pointless, I needa see his ass right now!” he emphasized. “And that’s honestly why I waited to tell you, I knew you would only want to escalate things” I said. “Babe, escalate? It already escalated when he said he shoulda smashed!” he argued “Ooh, he gotta slick ass mouth!” he added in rage. I replaced Khalil’s actual words with smash, in hopes of watering his reaction down. Clearly didn’t work. “Because he was drunk! And high! I don’t think he really meant that” I tried to calm him down. “Don’t defend that bullshit! He’s not your friend, don’t talk to him, don’t talk about him, don’t even acknowledge him! That’s it! If I see him it’s a wrap. I ain’t checking for him, but just know that if I do see him IT’S A WRAP! I’m done keeping my cool around him-” I cut into to his rant “Babe..” I softly tried to reach for him. “Don’t Ari, just don’t. I’m mad right now, I don’t even-” he paused taking a silent deep breath. His eyes struck with anger & he didn’t even continue his rant. I know he’s mad. “I didn’t wanna make you mad” I quietly admitted. “I know you didn’t, and you didn’t. I’m glad you threw the drink, I’m glad you stood up for yourself, and I’m glad you walked away. But like damn, don’t ever wait that long to tell me about a nigga disrespecting you. Ever” he stressed. “I just-” I started “I don’t care!” he cut in “I know you can defend yourself, but when that happens, it’s up to me. I’m your man and that’s some shit I don’t stand for! It’s not even about the disrespect to me behind my back. You come first, so it’s the simple fact that he don’t know how to treat a woman. Mine at that!” I let him go on as I nodded in agreement. “And I don’t need you blowing up like that over his dumbass, what if you had another attack? …And he be the cause of it- ohh my god!!” he gritted throwing his head back in thought, just making himself angrier. I saw veins bulging out in places I didn’t even know he had them. “Babe ok, that didn’t happen though. Stop working yourself up ok?” I started rubbing his forearm where the veins appeared the most. He sat still with his head pinned back at the seat, biting his lip. He did a slight shaking of his head before he reached into his pocket & pulled out his headphones & phone. “I’m not tryna talk about it no more” he said in one quick snappy tone then put his headphones in. “Daniel, I’m sorry” I sorrowfully apologized “I personally felt like I was just doing what’s by best telling you now instead of earlier” I added, practically talking to myself. He didn’t respond but I know damn well he heard me because he didn’t even start to play anything yet. He just had headphones resting in his ears. He looked away out his window & relaxed into his seat. I’ll let him be for now. 
      Our flight landed on this breezy Sunday night back in New York, which was lucky for Spin & Reese. Dig & I on the other hand just had another ways to travel back to Jersey. “Ahh I’m gonna miss you! I feel like I’m not gonna see you as often” Reese said hugging me tight. “No! That doesn’t have to happen! We can link up anytime, and not just when it involves the guys. Like me and you where ever, when ever. And soon because I’m gonna miss you too” I told her after squeezing the hell out of her too. “Good because I could seriously use a getaway from Gibran sometimes” she joked. “What?” Spin dared her to repeat herself. “What? Nothing baby, nothing” she played dumb as I laughed. “I would co sign, but someones still not in a very good mood” I low key mentioned. “Ohh” she mouthed, kind of in a whisper. Dig had said his goodbyes to Reese & Spin too kinda, but he was still in his stand off ish mode. “Yea.. It’ll be a long way home” I concluded. “Well at least you’ll finally have your phone and you can just text me. Let me know wassup ok” she brought back to my attention. I’ve never went so long without it & I almost enjoyed it, but at the same time, that’s mostly how I’m contacted for business. I mean email has saved me this past weekend, but it’s just too slow for me. “Oh my gosh YES! I can’t wait to get back to my phone” I praised the thought “But I will. I gave you my number so just send me a text right now so that I know it’s you when I get my phone” I told her. “Alright…” she already had her phone in hand “…it’s done love” she smiled. “Aw ok…well, byyeeee again” we hugged tight again. “Aw bye-bye girly. Be good” she said after we released. 
      That sucked. I really just started getting used to Reese & we clicked so fast & so well, it actually made me sad to leave her. But on the brighter side, or darker side…I’m not sure which one, I get to see Naomi. I missed her like crazy since we could barely communicate & the last time I called her I was just using her as a distraction. I know she was probably really confused about that out of the blue conversation & I’m gonna have to explain it to her. I’m actually gonna have to explain a lot of things to her. Starting with putting Khalil on top of the shit list. Destiny’s no longer needed there, we’re at a better place. 
      “Hey, so what’re you about to do?” I tried to make small talk in the car with Diggy. “Go to sleep probably. I didn’t get much all weekend really” he replied. “You didn’t wanna hang out?” I rhetorically asked. “Not really Ari, I’m tired” he simply said. “I’m tired too” I emphasized the pointlessness of his excuse. “Then we should both get some sleep” he still simply replied. “Are you sti-” he cut me off “I’m not mad, I’m tired babe. Chill on that subject” he said in a warning tone. “I was just gonna say, are you still gonna stop somewhere to get some food because I’m hungry” I lied, successfully breaking the ice. “Liiiess. No you wasn’t” he chuckled. “I was” I giggled “And I am very hungry, thank you” I smartly added. “Well what is it you want to eat baby before I pass everything?” he asked. “Well, it’s Sunday night..everything I care for is closed” I pondered in thought. “Hurry up babe, like I said before I pass everything” he rushed me. “I don’t know!” I panicked. “Fine. Mcdonalds it is” he shrugged. “Like I said, everything I care for is closed. Hint: I don’t care for Mcdonalds” I complained. “There’s nothing else” he made up. “You’re just saying that because you’re lazy and don’t feel like thinking of anything else” I accused. “Noo, I’m saying it because I’m hungry and could actually go for some mcdonalds fries right now” he smiled in thought. “Boring! But whatever, I’ll eat it” I shrugged. “I’ll eat it too” he winked. “You’re a real perv sometimes” I laughed. He laughed too then there was a brief silence. “But on some real shit Ari-… I know I just said to chill on the subject but I’m bringing it back anyway” he explained himself “I am still very pissed at what he said to you. And I am still a little pissed at you for not telling me right away. But there is a way to release that anger, and it’s gonna be in a freestyle. I just wanted to let you know ahead of time, because that’s how we supposed to do” he concluded. He lost me. Was he writing a diss song about Khalil forreal or just trying to make a point? “I’m sorry again babe, truly” I apologized “But what are you saying..or are you just tryna prove a point?” I curiously wondered. “Uh well, I meant what I said. I just so happened to be proving a point in the midst of it” he cooly shrugged. “Babe…Nooo! No diss songs about this please” I begged. “It’s just a freestyle” he said in a calm tone, emphasizing ‘just’. “Same diff! You’re calling him out via music message” I pointed out. “Well I wouldn’t have had a problem calling him out via FACE-TO-FACE if you woulda told me sooner” he didn’t let it go “Besides, he needs to have it in mind that I am about what I say before he think I’m running up on him for no reason when I see him” he casually added. “Diggy what?! You’re not running up on anybody!” I said in shock. “Ari, YES THE HELL I AM” he laughed but I knew he was dead serious. “What happened to no more trouble and stuff? What about what your parents said?” I threw stuff at him. “That’s just something my dad and I have to talk about and create an understanding over and I think he’ll understand perfectly fine. This is a reoccurring feud with this nigga” he said with all confidence of getting away with this. “Oh lord..” I held my forehead. “Relax babe, who knows if or when this will happen” he chuckled. “So your not elaborately planning to release that song?” I wondered. “It’s NOT a song! I wouldn’t spend that much time and engineering on him. I’m just freestyling over a currently hot beat & giving it one hell of a verse..or two” he explained. “What about the lyric content?” I further examined. “Explicit, derogatory maybe…I don’t be knowing, I’m just rapping” he got off guard by all my questioning. “I want the first listen” I demanded. “So I can get your little approval?” he teased. “That’s exactly why” I laughed. “Whatever. Order” he chuckled as we pulled up to the drive-thru window. 
      I made Daniel come inside my house & dine with me over our mcdonalds. My dad was so called stunned to see that I survived without my phone, he always got jokes. I had left my bags at the foot of the stairs & went straight to the kitchen. I didn’t wanna get my phone yet because I know I’ll let time pass, my food get cold, or probably be up until sunrise on that thing. 
      We were done eating & talking to my dad so I was walking Daniel outside to say a dramatic goodbye like I won’t see him tomorrow. “No” I childishly clung to his torso as he was getting ready to let go of our hug. “Ariii” he threw his head back in laughter. “You’re not leaving. Who’s gonna snuggle me to sleep?” I rhetorically asked. “You could borrow Pal” he stupidly suggested. “I don’t want your stupid dog, I want you!” I stomped my foot, still childishly behaving. “Oh so now he’s stupid…after all these years?! He loves you!” he didn’t chose to be dramatic right along with me. “I didn’t mean that.. I love him too” I laughed at his reaction “But you know what I mean babe” I counted my whiny girlfriend pout. “Yea. I kinda got used to your hair in my face these past few nights..” he trailed touching my hair gently “And your backside fitting perfectly into my front..” he got sensual, putting his hands at my neck “..Waking you up to that wood..” he then softly kissed one of my SPOTS. “Stoppp” I whiningly moaned. “I’ll see you tomorrow” he tried to reassure. “In the AM? With the wood?” I joked as he laughed. “I don’t know about the AM” he unsurely said “But I can definitely bring the wood tho” he licked his bottom lip before biting it & grinning. “Deal” I sealed the deal with a peck on his lips before finally releasing him. 
      Suddenly I felt it too. I was really tired & probably won’t care to see the time read AM tomorrow either. This weekend was really longer than I thought. With that in mind, my absence from my phone didn’t seem that bad or long at all. I finally picked it up & of course just a shit load of text, missed calls, voicemails, notifications flooded my phone. I have all day tomorrow to selectively return text. But voicemails were checked first because they’re always important to me. It’s a clear sign that someone was really trying to reach you & want you to reach back. That’s when it’s usually business. It was too late to return any business calls, but I planed to get that together tomorrow. The rest of my calls were the people who I know were trying to reach me when I was out in Miami but I already contacted them there. So then there were a few text messages. I texted Reese back letting her know we got back safe & all. But before I could move on to any other message, I noticed Twist’s name in my messages which is not common. I opened it knowingly by what the first line of the preview read…
<I just wanna apologize…I’m really sorry Arielle. If you still got my number hit me back on it so I know you got this. Please.>
      I can’t say I don’t believe this because it’s believable. He’s gonna try to come back with an apology like it’s all good when it really just isn’t. I don’t even wanna explain to him how he acted towards me because I’m sure he doesn’t remember & I know no one else really knows to explain the story. He’s just gonna have to understand this loss & I’ll get back to him on my own time. Because right now I just don’t got it. In the middle of my thoughts I got randomly interrupted by Naomi’s face blowing up my screen. I hit answer & answered excitedly. 
        “Naaeee!” I squeled. “No” she shut me down “How you gonna get your phone back and not even call me?!” she exclaimed. “Well damn. Hey Naomi, I had a safe flight thanks for asking. How are you?” I sarcastically said laughing. “That’s good to hear, and I’m good other than the fact that you didn’t call knowing damn well you saw my text” she remained strict. I did remember seeing her text about calling her when I get home, but my mind is still on Khalil’s pathetic text. “I know but- wait how did you even know if I was back yet or whether I literally just got back?” I tested her. “Because Roger was talking to Spin like an hour ago, and I let that one slide. Now he’s talking to loverboy which means you’re officially home and not with him and clearly didn’t miss me and did not think about me” she proved her knowledge. “Ok since you got me all figured out, how about I did miss your crazy ass and WAS thinking about you!” I told her. “Ehh I couldn’t tell. I heard you got a new bestie now tho..” she jealously teased. “She’s not a ‘new’ bestie, because for her to be new I’ll have to have an old bestie. And you’re my forever chick so know that” I laughed at her envy “But Reese is real cool, you gotta meet her” I encouraged. “That’s what Roger told me. He thinks we’re all gonna be the three amigos and amigas hanging out everywhere and shit” she chuckled at Roger’s actual right idea “He must be forgetting I ain’t friendly” she semi jokingly added. She really isn’t that friendly when it comes to new people. I swear her circle is super tight, but I know Reese can be an exception. “Yes Nae…we know!” I emphasized “But speaking of friends…Don’t speak of friends when it comes to Khalil. We’re not friends with him anymore. Done” I briefly demanded. “Okaayy…Does this have a story or explanation or something?” she curiously asked. “Nae..I wish you were there” I started off calmly. “Ooh hold on this sounds like it’s gonna crazy and I need to relocate” she said having me pause the story until she relocated to somewhere. 
      She understood everything & where I was coming from. And not just because she’s my best friend, but because she understands flat out disrespect & inexcusable behavior from a so-called friend. That shit just wasn’t right. Point blank period. 

      One word…PISSED ! After Ari told me everything that went down at the listening party, I was having too many thoughts of ways ima fuck this nigga Khalil up. I put up with way too much & I honestly didn’t get enough last time. I’m not even playing about it no more & like I seriously told her..when I see him…well, he got several things coming. I love the fact that she stands up for herself & stands down to no one, but I can’t stand the way she thinks she’s protecting a situation by not telling me. We keep learning the hard way with eachother with this bad habit. I wish she would’ve said something to me that very night or next morning. I’m not saying my feelings would be any different, but I could’ve thought of a few different resolutions. I may have got the memo late, but he gonna know that I know about it. All my mind could do was spit for almost the entire plane ride. I had a hard beat in my ears too so flowing just came easy. I tried to forewarn Ari so she won’t be surprised if I drop something soon…or tomorrow. 
      I had Spin AND roger over in the house studio with me while I went in to record. They knew what I was up to & we all Kinda just needed to link anyway. I stepped out of the booth after that one run. They both had these looks on their faces, I couldn’t really figure out. “What yall think, was all that wack or something?” I doubted myself getting ready to go back in & go ten times harder. “Nah…I’m just speechless as fuck right now. How did you just go in one time like that?! And in the afternoon?!” Spin finally reacted as I chuckled some. “Bruh you really did just do that shit. I couldn’t even process half the shit that just happened in that booth. Like you mad or nah?” Roger also input. “Hell yea I’m mad!” I answered his or nah question “But so it’s straight?” I checked. “Yes!” Spin quickly agreed. “Yea it’s cool, but you not forreal right?” Roger suddenly got serious. “Forreal about what?” I asked. “Dropping this?” he said. “Yea, what do you think I’m doing this for fun?” I laughed a little. “I thought you was just venting and only saying that” he got caught by surprise. “No, I did it once and I’ll do it again” I shrugged. “That’s the thing Dig, you really wanna do this again?” he seriously asked. “Yea man, you sure about dropping this?” Spin got serious too. “Look if yall don’t really think it’s all that hard and it’s wack or something, just tell me. Yall don’t gotta talk me out of nothing” I started to believe that this is what it is. “Nah! Not even” Roger quickly replied “You KNOW I’d say something” he added. “Forreal son, it’s not that at all. If anything, it’s too hard and you got some serious bars that just don’t need to be used in diss form” he truthfully told me “You at a good place right now. Got even greater things approaching, don’t waste your time on this negativity” he continued. “I just can’t stand down to this right now” I shook my head. “I know what you mean, but think about it. Is this what you wanna bring out first? You got too much ahead. And the label would be mad as shit” Roger informed me, which I kinda forgot about. I’m not an independent artist & I could actually be in trouble with them. Just as I was letting it all sink in, my dad was walking in. “So what’s up, what’s going on yall?” he looked around at us “I know what it means when the three of yall get together in the home studio” my dad kinda just knew things. I always let him hear it too, never scared or worried about what he’ll think. “Dad, listen to this first and tell me what you think” I said inviting him in more.
      “Wow” he simply said nodding like he felt & understood everything he just heard “What you just did right there was crazy” he added after a short pause. “Thanks” I modestly nodded “But what would you think if I did something with it?” I proposed the idea. “That…it’s not a very good idea, but of course I can’t really stop you” he honestly told me shrugging. “But what does that mean? Do yall think it’s a bad idea as in it’s a wack freestyle, save myself the embarrassment or it’s a bad idea as in it’s just a bad idea?” I continued to wonder. “Nooo” Roger laughed “It’s not like that at all, it’s just not necessary” he replied. “Like do you NEED to do it? Are you not a relevant artist right now?” he rhetorically rephrased as I kinda began to see the point. “Exactly. It’s just not for you, you still hot right now B!” Spin goofily exclaimed. “Yea, all that they said Dig. Do whats important first. And yea if you see him in the street…you know” my dad trailed. “Really?” I surprisingly lit up at him giving me permission to fuck him up. “No…You hash it out like the grown man I’m raising you to be” he changed my thoughts “Have a freestyle rap battle at the most. That’s how we did it way back when” he added chuckling some. “Ahh, I bet you was killing them too” Spin boasted my dad up probably about nothing. “Something like that” my dad confidently nodded in agreement. “Well thanks dad” I tried to find a good queue to dismiss him on. “No problem. I hope I changed something” he said. “You did” I told him as he looked glad to hear that “…I’m gonna add a whole nother verse-” I joked. “Dig” he blankly looked at me. “I’m just kidding, I’m just kidding” I laughed. “Oh I was about say whaat!” Roger chuckled. “Forreal, he really tryna go in or something” Spin laughed dapping him. “I’m not, Ima actually go back in though and switch up some things to make it an actual record” I decided. “Sounds dope. Just make sure you erase or store that original version in a very protective place” my dad advised and gave his last input before he walked out. “Damn!” I sucked my teeth. “What?” they simultaneously asked. “Yall really took the recklessness out of me to drop this. Wasted bars man” I shook my head. “Nah you gonna turn these bars into something without it sounding like a diss song” Roger disagreed. “True just flow on that same level, but on a more positive energy” Spin also said. “Alright” I finally said after a brief thinking pause of how I’m gonna switch this up “Leggo right now” I instantly got up & got right back in the booth ready to still spit fire. 
      Regardless of what happens, I gotta remember that I have the one thing this nigga tried his hardest to get at. That’s my baby though so he can fall back while I sit back & continue to do me & something he not doing, never would, never could do..Ari. He can regret all he wants, but we all know whose it is. 

      “So yall never answered me, was there hoes out there in Miami? Cuz I know the whole weekend that city was turnt” I asked. “We never answered it for a reason, YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW” Spin smartly replied, still not answering shit “You got a girl, and a crazy one at that. YOU need to be the last one asking about some hoes” he added making Dig laugh. “Haaa! This nigga must’ve forgot who Naomi Santos was” he clowned with Spin. “Man shut up, and ima tell her yall calling her crazy” I chuckled. “She been hearing this from us though sooo” Spin remarked. “Forreal. Ari crazy too though so it’s cool. We all got some crazy girlfriends” Dig tried to lighten it up. “Nah, not me” Spin reclined back grinning. “Oh here go mr.perfect relationship again” Dig joked rolling his eyes. “Not even close” Spin defended “I just don’t think she crazy. She may got a little wild streak in her, but her ass ain’t crazy” he explained. “Cause you ain’t fuck up yet, you’ll know what crazy means once that happens” I said. “Hell yea” Dig mumbled, stressfully shaking his head. “Well I guess I’ll never know the meaning, cuz I’m not fucking up. I didn’t settle down for that” he confidently spoke. “No.” Dig remembered something “Lemme tell you how this nigga almost fucked up and got caught up…” he started sneakily grinning. “What happened?” I already was laughing some. “Actually this kinda involves you too while you over there lauging” Spin pointed out. “Involve me how?” I suddenly got curious. “Alright, so guess who bestfriends? And grew up together?” Dig started like this was some trivia shit. “Who?” I shrugged wanting to hear it straight up. “Reese and Bri” he calmly said. “No…Fuck outta here” I was in disbelief as Spin nodded like it was the shameful truth. “Reese kinda grew up with them and danced with them too. Them meaning KORI and Destiny. So yea, tell me it ain’t a small world” he shook his head. “That’s crazy son! Small fucking world forreal, damn I can’t believe that” I said in disbelief. “Who you telling? A nigga almost got exposed in front of Reese when she wanted to retrace her memory, and ask me if I knew them” Spin was explaining, looking like he dodged a bullet. “Bruh, but first let’s talk about how this nigga tried to lie” Dig started to laugh “Acting like he forgot her nickname was Bri. Then had the nerve to be like ‘oh yea Brianna and them, I thought yall was talking about somebody else’. And them…really?!” he completely mocked Spin. “Damn I can hear his ass doing that too” I laughed along with Dig “You better not slip up like that again” I advised Spin. “I’m not, I just wasn’t prepared for none of that shit” he chuckled “And Ari planted the seed as a matter of fact!” he remembered. “She did?” Dig asked in amusement. “Hell yea! She brought up Reese and Destiny being friends, then I was sitting there stuck and she knew what she was doing” he said nodding like he was so sure. “Damn, scheming” I chuckled. “Right” Dig agreed “But damn…that’ll be kinda weird if we all had to be in the same room again like before, plus Reese” he mentioned. I swear a deep silence fell over all of us as we probably thought about all the bad ways that shit would go. “Then I’m running!” Spin was the first to exclaim “Next time I find myself getting into some crazy shit like that I’m just taking off and not saying nothing. Yall can stay for that”. “So you just not gonna say nothing to Reese about it, ever?” Dig questioned. “No. For what?” Spin shrugged. “Cuz it’s one thing if they didn’t have a link to each other. But they do and that’s Bri, sooo you never know son. It could come up” I pointed out. “Then that’s when I’ll say something. I’m not gonna lie or nothing” he nonchalantly said. “That just makes it worse! Finding out is bad on our end. Bruh take it from me” Dig expressed. “Man no! I’m not into telling on myself for no reason. I’m on some don’t ask, don’t tell type of shit” he said. “Whatever, don’t say I ain’t tell you” Dig gave up. “I ain’t telling you nothing cuz for some reason I’m a smoother playa then yall and I ain’t got no worries” I streched getting up. “Alright let me run that back to Naomi” Spin tried it. “You know damn well Naomi shut ALLLL that down and burned your playa’s card” Dig waved me off. “Permanently revoked that shit and all” Spin added. “Aye look here…” I ain’t really have nothing to say “It’s just something about her bruh, shuddup!” I shamefully admitted laughing. “He in love, aww” Spin tried to tease. “Aww. I think he might have turned in his own playas card for her” Dig joked with him “You in love homie?” Dig then asked. Nigga I might be.

"Don't quit :("

I hate to so I’m trying to stay up for you guys. It’s hard tho… 



Smh I could’ve brought up possibly quitting any other day lol

Quit or nah?


Hey guys………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

      I’m seriously thinking about quitting the story.

      I hate to say it but it’s SOOO hard to keep up with & I don’t like letting you guys down (if you guys still care to read). I can update but I can’t fully write or commit to writing. The only thing that’s not stopping me is the point to which I wanna reach in this story plus I keep getting great sequel ideas & I don’t want none of that to go to waste :(. But just a heads up if I go ghost or something & don’t come back…Nvm. Couldn’t do you guys like that, I’ll send a final notice. *sighs* I hope you guys understand any decision, including my decision to just post. Even if it’s not as long as I usually make. Ima try not to be super length conscious cause that’s where I get caught up. If you’ve been holding it down since day 1, THANK YOU LOVES!!!! day 1+ THANK YOU AS WELL LOVES!! If it’s your first day…sorry to disappoint lol the golden days of posting was back in 2012. (damn..2012 tho??) lol.

                                                                        -Yours Truly 

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