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...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

...Homie.Lover.Friend...// What's Goin On?

"update soon plssssssss"

Yea I’m about to just wrap this one part up & post it for you guys 

"Don't quit 😩"

I’ve lost all motivation honestly. But I’m still a writer so I can’t help but to constantly have ideas & a drive for this story. It’s just more on my own time now..whatever pace that might be

"Its kinda hard to read your theme /.\"

I’ve wanted to change it for forever but I barely have time to get to the story, so I know that’s probably not changing soon. Lo siento :(. Maybe I’ll just make it simple because it used to be about attraction but now..who really cares lol?


These are all little squares on my computer :/

"Yeah I was feeling super guilty for looking more at Trevor but hey he was lookin fine"

Lol I couldn’t help it. I saw him on Let It Shine & didn’t give him much. Saw him on some other Disney show & gave him some credit. Saw him in this video & heard them vocals……………………..girl I’ll give it ALLLLL to him lol

"I feel everything that you were saying about Diggy and Trevor. Like, Diggy will always be the main bae but Trevor could get it. A lot. I think all of the jet setters have just been walking buckets of thirst in the last few weeks. My heart can not handle it all."

Lmaooo!! Yaasss you clearly get me lol that’s exactly how I see it. I was watching it like “Aww digg :)…BUT DAMN TREVOR!! Yes lord.” Lol they are tho..& that voice. Umph… Ok the thirst is coming back. This is over. 

Is it just me or nah? Lol


Does anyone wanna talk about Diggy’s new single ‘My Girl’ & all these damn sexy shirtless pics all over ig ??

Annnnnd how Trevor may have accidentally caught my eye more than Dig in that video. That boy is fine & he be sanging!!..just saying, does anyone wanna talk about this?

"Keep writing!!"

Keep reading:)!!

"Come back!"

Here :) just not with anything new. It’s on the way tho

"Destiny dying while giving birth leaving diggy to raise the baby and it becomes too much for Arielle and she leaves him bc she doesn't want to become a burden? O.o"

OMFG LMAO!! I don’t mean to laugh because that would be terrible but great plot twist lol where were these ideas when I asked for them??

"Wait you can't end the story now, Destiny ain't even give birth yet!"

It don’t even…nvm lol 

"Come on :("

:) not going no where

"Come on"

Where we going? lol

"I hate to say it but I think it's over for this. I adore this story but you're growing up & don't have time. All the diggy fanfics are sizzling out slowly but surely Thanks for what you did give us it was awesome your not feeling it anymore let it go"

You.Are.Soooooo.RIGHT! I’ve been saying this for a while now & I assumed it was because everyone is growing up & Dig’s hype kinda died down (but it’s back tho ;D!) & we just simply don’t have time & have lives lol. You’re very welcome :) & thank you for understanding.

"Dang I don't want the stories to end 😩 these are the best fanfics I've read"

This just made me smile, from the beginning I’ve only ever tried to be the best :) Thaaaanks!

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